Create CoverSearch

Create CoverSearch 1.0

Find all the missing album covers in your music collection


  • No installation required
  • Fast results
  • You can usually choose between several covers


  • Only works if your music is properly organized


Having all the album covers in your MP3 collection not only helps you manage your music in a more comfortable way, but also looks great on your PC or MP3 player.

With Create CoverSearch you can now fill in the gaps in your cover art collection in a very easy way. Simply run the program and select the folder where all your music is stored (the root folder is enough, as the program will analyze subfolders as well).

Once the whole list is loaded on Create CoverSearch, double-click on any album and the program will automatically look for the correspondent album cover on Yahoo! and Amazon. There will probably be more than one result, so you can choose the one you like best and save it to the appropriate folder.

Create CoverSearch works fast and obtains good results, as long as you have each album saved on a separate folder. This means that the program won't work for your miscellaneous collections of tracks, nor will it find any cover if the albums are not properly spelt.

With Create CoverSearch you can find all the missing album covers in your MP3 collection in a snap, provided it's properly categorized.

Create CoverSearch


Create CoverSearch 1.0

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